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Balancing Different Ways of Seeing and the Art of Le Guo


Available in:

Hardback, £32.00 GBP

& Softback, £25.00 GBP

Baycroft Publishing: Stephen Baycroft, Balancing Different Ways of Seeing and the Art of Le Guo
Baycroft Publishing: Stephen Baycroft, Balancing Different Ways of Seeing and the Art of Le Guo

Untitled (2012), Le Guo; 50.5 x 46 cm

Oil on canvas

Arena (2015) by Le Guo

Arena (2015), Le Guo; 130.5 x 90 cm

Mixed media on fabric

'... the fundamental difference between the Oriental and the Occidental way of experiencing the world ... is the problem from which all consideration of the art of the past must take its orientation if it is to pass beyond a narrowly European outlook.'

—Wilhelm Worringer*

THE PRESENT VOLUME is the product of a collaboration between the writer Stephen Baycroft and the artist Le Guo in which the latter’s visual artworks are revalued in relation to the discussions conducted in Western and Asian cultures from ancient times to the present day about the different ways of seeing used to produce visual artworks. The interweaving of the poetic processes used to produce visual artworks and the universal processes of unconcealing and reconcealing of the truthful patterns of an unknown reality are explored by revaluing how an artist’s poetic processes produced a visual artwork whose surface patterns envisaged these processes and gave those experiencing it an insight of different types of truths. Such truths enabled a human being to experience a new beginning by interweaving the patterns produced by the cyclical processes of his/her own individual ways of being with those of the Universal Way of Being/being whose continuous unconcealing as new patterns of human and non-human being constituted the endless new beginnings of the universe.


Stephen Baycroft is a writer and curator living in London. His earlier books include Ken Currie: The Mask of Being (2001) and On Sublimity and Synaesthesia (2013).


Le Guo is an artist born in China who lives and works in London and China.





本書是作家斯蒂芬·貝克羅夫特和藝術家郭洛合作的成果。作者通過與藝術家對從古到今西方和亞洲文化中以不同觀看方式創作藝術作品的一系列討論,進而探索和重新評價藝術家郭洛的視覺藝術作品。 將視覺藝術作品創作的詩性過程和遮蔽與揭蔽未知實在的真實圖式之普遍過程相交織,作者重新評價與探索藝術家如何以不同的觀看方式、精神與身體的意象記憶以及後見、洞見與先見,詩性地創作視覺藝術作品的圖式過程。此圖式的想像及體驗過程促使洞察不同的真實,進而使人經歷一個新開端,一個能將個體真實存在的生命循環過程所產生的圖式與潛在存在/虛擬存在的普遍方式相交織,並不斷揭示著人類與非人類真實存在的新圖式,而此構成了宇宙無盡的新開端。

斯蒂芬·貝克羅夫特:作家和策展人,生活於倫敦。他早期的著作包括《肯·柯里:存在的面具》(2001) 及《論崇高與聯覺》(2013).



*Bullock M. (transl.) Worringer W. Abstraction and Empathy. A Contribution to the Psychology
of Style (1997, first published 1908). Elephant Paperbacks. Ivan R. Dee. Chicago, Appendix: Transcendence and Immanence in Art, p.135.



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